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At The Hayley Beeson School of Dance, we offer a wide array of dance classes and events, including ballet. Our experts in ballet provide a class of high quality, ensuring our students can learn and progress in the ballet world. If you are searching for a ballet class near me, contact us today to learn more.

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Ballet Class Near Me

Our Ballet Classes

So, what happens in a typical ballet class? First off, our ballet classes are designed for students of all levels- whether you’re a beginner or have been dancing ballet for years

Our teachers will adapt the class to your level, so you can still progress and learn new things even if you’re not the most experienced dancer.

Warm Up

The class will start with a warm-up, which is essential to avoid injury and prepare your body for the session ahead. The warm-up will usually involve some gentle stretching exercises to loosen your muscles. Warming up is very important because ballet is a physically demanding activity, and if you don’t prepare your body properly, you could risk injury. Warm-ups help to increase blood flow to our muscles, as well as warm and loosen them to increase their elasticity, therefore increasing the range of movement.


The barre is an essential part of ballet class, and all dancers will start at it. It provides assistance and support to the body while performing small exercises. At the barre, you will usually do pliés, tendus, dégagés and échauffements. We use the barre to help improve our balance and alignment, as well as to build strength in our legs and feet.


After spending time at the barre, you’ll move on to the centre of the room for more ballet exercises. This is where you’ll start to work on your ballet technique and skills. The center work will usually involve a combination of ballet steps, such as grand jetés, ronds de jambe en l’air and pirouettes. Exercises will gradually become more dynamic and incorporate larger full-body movements as the class progresses in the Centre.


In ballet, the adage is a term used for a slow and graceful dance routine that is often performed at the end of a ballet class. It is named after the musical direction adagio, which is also slow and graceful. Adage usually involves flowing and graceful movements that are performed at a slow tempo. As many of the Adage steps feature lifting the leg off the floor, dancers concentrate on the visual lines the body forms when hitting a position. This is where their ballet technique and strength come into play. The Adage routine is a chance for dancers to show off their ballet skills and perform with elegance and grace.

Pirouettes and Waltz

Waltzes and pirouettes are two of the most iconic ballet movements and are a must-learn for any ballet dancer.

Waltzes are a type of dance that involves turning on the balls of your feet while gracefully swinging your arms. They are usually danced to slow music and can be either solo or partnered. Waltzes are a great way to improve your balance and timing.

Pirouettes, meanwhile, are a type of turn that ballet dancers perform on one leg. They involve turning around quickly on the spot and require a lot of strength and balance. Pirouettes can be performed with either one or both legs, and are a great way to improve your spinning technique.


During the allegro part of the class, dancers will start to incorporate faster, more energetic movements into their ballet routine. This is where they’ll start to focus on their jumps and turns, and will begin to add more excitement and energy to their class.

The Allegro portion of the class is a great way to improve your overall ballet technique and skills and is essential for any ballet dancer who wants to progress in the art form.


The ballet class will conclude with reverence. This is a time for the dancers to show their appreciation to their teachers and classmates. Reverence usually involves bowing or curtsying to your teacher, as well as taking a moment to reflect on everything you have learned in class. It’s a great way to end the ballet session on a positive note and helps prepare you for the next class.

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So, if you’re searching for a ballet class near me, you’ve come to the right place. At Hayley Beeson School of Dance, we understand the importance of providing high-quality ballet classes. First and foremost, we ensure that our dancers are kept safe whilst learning how to perform each stage effectively and beautifully. Furthermore, given the tradition of ballet, our ballet troupe needs to instil a sense of grace, etiquette and discipline in each of our ballet students. If you’re looking for ballet classes for kids or adults, we have something to suit everyone. So, to find the perfect ballet class near me, contact us today at 07941 122204 or at to find out more!

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